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Posted by gintasdx - October 19th, 2017

I need a voice actor for a school project - a game in JAVA, endless alien shooter. Old male voice would be good,but I guess female voice may do the trick too. There will be short intro with game background story.

Later I am planing to rewrite the game in HTML5 and publish it on Google Play.

There is no concept art yet. PM if you can help me.

Posted by gintasdx - October 6th, 2016

You can grab a 10 game templates bundle just for 10$. All the assets are royalty free. 

Posted by gintasdx - February 5th, 2012

Audiojungle - royalty free music,sound effects,intro sounds and much more...

Awesome SFX and Music for your Flash

Posted by gintasdx - December 11th, 2009

I am willing for some mates that could help me answer the question - does game engine I use is working smooth on newest Windows 7 (32bit Edition,not for x64 processors ).

All you need is to grab a game : http://www.box.net/shared/ziqu6f2uo6
and post a "log.txt" in comments :)

You may also need a OGG Vorbis dlls if you don't have them already in /Windows/System32

A game runs smooth on Linux + Wine.

Game Test For Windows 7

Posted by gintasdx - September 21st, 2009

Setting Up The Twitter For Tweeting And Some... Cash

OK SinceTwitter got some mass effect I also wish to share some info about it. Twitter is a social network where people communicate to each other using 140 symbols status messages -tweets.


This the one of most of important integer on the Twitter. You will start from having just one or zero followers. To get followers you can: start tweeting about everything is on your mind. I guess you are familiar already with status updates if you are using FaceBook,Hi5. If you don't know what to say or have a problems with English you can retweet a message you like by copping all the message and adding RT to the begging. For example:

RT @aliencide .Got old laptop that only runs Win98? Why don't you turn it into netbook by installing PuppyLinux.
I see that others using re tweeting a lot to have a huge amount of tweets. More tweets means more keywords in your profile page. If you mention for example "laptop" a some shopkeeper will start follow you to offer you a laptops. It's good even if you don't buy anything because you will have a +1 follower. There is a limit how much messages you can write in a day. Take some time toread a help about handy twitter functions and commands.

Next you can start searching for other people and if you see that followers and following number is similar you can be clear that this user will follow you back.

Third you need to register at WeFollow.com. It's a huge catalog of tweeters divided into categories. Sign Up and write 5 tags that will help you to find a followers with same interests and marketers to find you. This could be a topics that fits the best your tweets or you personal activities,interests. If you out of ideas just write the top tags. :P

Allow this application to connect to your account. Everything done and after few days or hours this will boost some followers for you.

Handy Twitter services

OK now let's talk about your account management. I found some free service that let's you automate the tweeting. It means you wouldn't need to login to Twitter to post some messages since everything will do for you automated tweeting.

Go-toTweetLater.com (it changed the name to Socialoomph.com) . Sign up for free account unless you want to get 30 days trial of pro version with all cool features. (After 30 days your account will revert to Free). After simple registration login and go to Accounts -> Add Account. Select type - Twitter. Fill your Twitter login details. Scroll down the page until you find a Auto Welcome Messages. It's a good option to choose since you can advertise your site with kind text before it or make revenue from advertisement link. Read the info block about the disadvantages and advantages of auto DM. I hate those with offering to watch some lame marketing video. You could just thank a people for following you.

Scrolling down. The Auto follow option. This option will make you follow all your new followers. It's good stuff since it helps to keep a equal number of the Following and Followers. Main minus is that you will follow various low reputation users,spammers and etc. It's up to you to follow them or manually block them since they also are your followers. :)

The last option for emailing your mentions. It's a good option if you don't login often.

Need some more followers?

Followe.rs - Another service that for one dollar offers you a mass effect of followers for 14days. I didn't tried this out. I should suggest to read you a reviews and comments about finding info which sites is scam and which not.Here is good site to check a lot of online and offline Twitter tools :)

Monetizing your tweets :)

The last part will be about making some cash using Twitter. In the beginning you will get just few dollars,but later after getting a lot of referrals you will earn enough to pay your bills. Most easiest way is RevTwt.com . You will get specific amount per click,mostly 0.05$ USD or if lucky 0.20$ USD.

All you need is to have a Paypal login for pay outs and tweet ads. It should be mixed into your normal tweets and shouldn't take a huge percent of your overall tweets. You can post 1 ad per day to avoid suspended account. RevTwt offers a lot sections to choose that will fit your tweets. If you are a techie you can adverstise electronic gadgets and etc. You can automate all the ads posting and use up to 10 twitter logins. The service also offers payment for using they ShortURL service. Ads are targeted to specific countries and regions so don't expect to get few cents from every click. :P If you have a blog or website you can post you referal link to get some extra cash.

Another good service is TweetBucks.com .

This service lets you choose a lot of merchants that will pay you some percent per customer. I am using this service for shortening URLs. You will get your money directly to Paypal after you collect 25$ in your account. They already give you 5$ bonus for signing up.

More goodies!

15 Real Ways To Make Money On Twitter

Posted by gintasdx - August 10th, 2009

What can I say,just follow me and I follow you !
http://www.twitter.com/aliencide or faster http://www.twitter.com/friendships/cre ate/41174505

Posted by gintasdx - June 23rd, 2009

Finally added some some sprites for your commercial and not flash games and videos.

If ya need more PM me :P

Free Sprites Pack

Posted by gintasdx - November 13th, 2008

Started to music on my own. Check it after few months for some new songs.